Heritage Lane Produce was established in 2009 by Gregory and Victoria Boyd. Our operation takes place on the Boyd family farm, located southeast of Langton on the 10th Concession, east of highway 59.

The Boyd Ancestry:

The Boyd ancestry originates from Ireland where William Boyd and his family emigrated in 1862. Upon arriving to Canada, William and his family settled on a 200 acre parcel of land southeast of Langton. At that time, this land was forest and was occupied by a logging camp. In 1873, William purchased this newly cleared parcel of land which he then started to farm. Five generations later, I am excited to have the opportunity to carry on our farming tradition.

The origin of the name “Heritage Lane Produce” comes from the presence of the laneway that was created in 1904 to move the original house and one of the barns from the flats of the Big Creek flood plain to higher ground on the opposite end of the farm.

This is the current location of the farmstead on the 10th Concession. That laneway still exists today and is the main access point to the flats. The barn on our logo was one of the original barns built in 1873 and stood there until the early 1990’s when it suffered a roof collapse due to a heavy snow fall and had to be demolished.